Recent activities
1.  Cultural Tour of Southeast Guizhou ( March 2008) organized by the Workshop and the China Civilization Centre of City University of Hong Kong.

Group photo at Zhenyuan

Interviewing, Wendou Maio Village.

Visit a drum tower, Dengqin Dong Village.

2.  Rebuilding a drum-tower in Dimen

A fire broke out in Dimen village in April 2006. More than a hundred structures were destroyed, including more than a hundred houses as well as the village drum tower. With miraculous speed, nearly all the houses have been rebuilt and repaired within a year. But the resources of the entire village have been nearly exhausted. The drum-tower, however, is one of the most important buildings in the village, the center of all public life. Without it, the villagers feel rootless. The Workshop worked with the villagers to rebuild the drum-tower. We were able to solicit donations from different sources and the rebuilding of the drum-tower started in early 2007. The new drum-tower was completed in December 2007.
The burnt down drum-tower, 2006.

Building of the drum-tower, September 2007.

The new drum-tower in 2008 Chinese New Year amidst snow storm.

3.  Recording of the building of the drum-tower--- Division of Building Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong. ( August- October, 2007 )

Groups of staff and students of the Division of Building Science and Technology of the City University of Hong Kong visited Dimen three times from August to October, 2007 to study and record the building of the new drum-tower burnt down in 2006.

Bring the log down from the mountain

The "logistic" team with the visitors

Measure and record

Discussing with builders

Helping to put a frame up

4.  Prof. Joseph Stiglitz and his wife Anya visited Dimen Eco-Museum
    (10-3-2007 to 12-3-2007)
5.  Students from the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong conducted an 8-day research tour of Miao and Dong musical instruments in Southeast Guizhou. ( 28-12-2006 to 4-1-2007 )