The Western China Cultural Ecology
Research Workshop("The Workshop")
             1. From October 2002 up to now, the Workshop has conducted numerous                  cultural exploration trips covering different towns and villages of Dong ,                  Miao, Yao, Shui etc. We made audio and video recordings of singings, oral                  histories, interviews etc. We have also collected arts and crafts items,                  production tools, documents etc from various sources.
             2. The Workshop worked as project consultants for the Sino-Norwegian                  Eco-museum projects and have contributed significantly in the setting up                  of the Longli Eco-museum and the Tangan Eco-museum.
                 The Longli eco-museum:

             3. The Workshop has set up very close working relationship with and also                  appointed as advisors by many local governments in the Village, County                  and the Regional level, and the Workshop has been regularly consulted on                  matters regarding rural development, tourism development and                  environmental preservation issues.
             4. The Workshop was appointed the project consultant for the late-Ming                  Museum in Anlong, Guizhou. The project was completed in 2005.
             5. Publications:
                a. Dong Folk Music: People and Nature in Harmony ( Single music CD )
                b. 5 sets of postcards about Dong and Miao Ethnic culture--- 2003
                c. The Ming Fort---Longli Eco-museum photo-album--- 2004
                d. Miao folk Music: People and Nature in Harmny ( Double CD set )---2006
                e. Dong Folk Music: People and Nature in Harmony ( 1 CD + 1 DVD )---new
                   edition of (a)---published May, 2007.
             6. Setting up of the Dimen Dong Cultural Eco-museum.